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Benefits Of Having A Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

Benefits Of Having A Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

If you have landed on this article it might mean that you are looking for alternatives for your regular plastic bottles. You might be looking for something better to carry water or store other beverages. 

There are a lot of types of bottles available which can be a better alternative than plastic bottles but in this article, we are going to talk about the most superior alternative to plastic bottles i.e. stainless steel bottles. 

Now at first you can think of stainless steel bottles as an expensive thing but believe us, they are not. If you compare how much you spend on plastic bottles and how long they last, chances are that you will be spending more on plastic bottles than stainless bottles. 

Overpricing, there are a lot of other benefits of having stainless steel insulated water bottles which makes them far superior to plastic bottles. Let’s have a quick look at all those benefits : 

The benefits Of Having A Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle are as follow : 

  • No harmful chemicals
  • High durability
  • Best insulation
  • Keeps bacteria away
  • Better for environment
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Benefits Of Having A Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

1. No Harmful Chemicals 

Plastic bottles are scientifically proven to generate chemicals that are hazardous to your health over the period. With stainless steel bottles, there are no worries at all. 

Also with the plastic bottles, if you store hot water or any other hot beverages, it will decompose the plastic easily and those molecules can mix up with the beverage stored inside which is extremely dangerous. 

Compared to this, stainless steel bottles have high reactive resistance and do not react easily with any liquid, and don’t generate any kind of chemicals being completely safe for your health. 

2. High durability 

What is the longest period you have used a single plastic bottle? Maximum for a couple of months may be. Stainless steel bottles last for years without even cracking a bit and preserving their insulation to the fullest. 

Stainless steel bottles are the most durable as compared to any other material bottle making them long-lasting. 

3. Best Insulation 

It’s mid-summer, and you leave your home with a chilled bottle of water for the office only to find out it is now lukewarm while you are on transit. This is what happens with plastic bottles. They fail to retain the temperature of the water or any other beverage stored. 

On the other hand, the stainless steel bottles are perfectly insulated and can hold the temperature of your liquid for a very long period of time. 

4. Keep bacteria away 

Finding your water bottle to have caught mold or bacteria is the worst thing that can possibly go wrong with a water bottle. Stainless steel bottles, unlike plastic bottles, are not porous. 

This almost guarantees that you will certainly never face this situation. A good rinse with hot water will be enough always to keep your stainless steel bottle in a hygienic condition.

5. Better for the environment 

Knowing all the benefits that you get, it’s time to know that you will be doing good for the environment as well by using stainless steel bottles. Stainless steel bottles are safe for nature and highly recyclable, unlike plastic bottles. 

Now that you have known all the benefits of having a stainless steel water bottle are you ready to make a purchase? Check out the range of smart LED water bottles by SavyyTech which are made of pure stainless steel. 

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