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15W Metal Magnetic Wireless Fast Charger JR-A41-15W

£15.99 £12.79
Accessories Wireless charger * 1
Manual * 1
Warranty card * 1
Product input 5V=2A, 9V=2A
Product power 5W / 7.5W / 10W / 15W
Product size 56 * 5.3mm
Cable length 1 meter (integrated, Type-C)

Budi Travel 6 IN 1 Cable Set

£17.99 £14.39
Multi-functional BOX For Phones Multi Cable (6 types) Wireless Charger(15W) SIM KIT Memory Reader Phone Cradle LED Light
Function  Multi functional
Functions Type C to Type C Type C to USB A Type C to micro
Current 15 W

Car Mount Wireless Charger MCM-928- 41064BK

£29.00 £23.20

Charging Type

Type C 

Material ABS+PC with UV piano paint+Carbon fiber panel
Weight  123 g

Car Mount Wireless Charger MCM-948- 41067BK

£19.00 £15.20
Charging Type Type C
Dimension  L 116.9 x W 102.6mm
Material ABS+PC with UV piano paint+Carbon fiber panel

Car Mount Wireless Charger MCM-958- 41068BK

£25.00 £20.00
Dimension  L 121 x W 102.6mm
Charging Contact  Type-C
Charging Speed Up to 60%

JR-A28-15W ultra-thin magnetic wireless fast charger

Product size  60*6mm
Product net weight 31g
Material  PC+ABS fireproof material