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The best way to clean the earphones

Ways to clean eyephones

Well, you might have now got yourself a classy pair of Wireless Bluetooth earphones after reading our blog on Why You Should Invest in Wireless Bluetooth Earphones. If you have not read it yet, go check it out and we are sure that you will be soon looking for a good pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones. 

Having said that, wireless Bluetooth earphones are quite expensive as compared to the wired set of earphones and that’s why you should take care of it in a pretty good manner. 

In this article, we are going to give you a few tips about how you should clean your earphones. No matter wired or wireless, you can take away a few useful points from this article for your next ‘earphone care’ session. 

Let’s have a look at the best ways to clean the earphones.

  1.  Dismantle all the removable parts.
  2.  Don’t soak in water 
  3. Use wet and dry earbuds to clean
  4. Don’t use any sharp objects to poke
  5. Clean the charging case as well
  6. Do not use hair dryers 

But before jumping in, let’s understand that …..

Why you should clean your earphones regularly?

Earphones are a daily-use device. Unlike mobile phones, they are very small objects and have very small parts which can easily collect ear wax & other debris which can be a great place for bacteria to live. 

You also put earphones on the table and floor and in a car dashboard and touch them with all kinds of hands. Thus it is important to clean earphones regularly to maintain hygiene. Along with this, cleaning earphones regularly can prevent dirt from entering the inner parts of earphones and prolong their life. 

Now that we know how important it is to clean earphones regularly then let’s move in to see some useful tips on how you should be cleaning your earphones. 

1. Dismantle all the removable parts. 

6 - Savyy Tech

Your earphones might or might not have removable parts. If your earphone does have removable parts, dismantle them before cleaning. Taking it into pieces will let you reach the small areas and clean them better.

2. Don’t soak in water 

5 - Savyy Tech

Even if your earphones are waterproof, it is not a good practice to soak them in water. Yes, you can surely put the plastic/metal part under running water to clean it thoroughly but don’t let it soak in the water. 

3. Use wet and dry earbuds to clean

4 - Savyy Tech

Using earbuds will let you access the small openings and spaces in the earphones. Start with a wet earbud so it can stick all the dust and debris. Then use a dry earbud to ensure you leave the earphones completely dry.

4. Don’t use any sharp objects to poke

3 - Savyy Tech

A lot of people often use toothpicks or pins to poke into the earphone drives to remove dirt. This is not recommendable. Using sharp objects might damage the internal part of the earphones. 

5. Clean the charging case as well

2 - Savyy Tech

Done cleaning the earphones? It’s time to clean the charging case as well. If you clean the earphones and put them in the dirty charging case again then there’s no meaning of clean them at all. 

6. Do not use hair dryers

1 - Savyy Tech

After cleaning, if you sense some wetness in the small areas of your earphones, don’t attempt to dry them with hair dryers. They are too powerful for earphones. Let them dry naturally (don’t put them in direct sunlight). So that’s it, following the above-mentioned tips can guarantee clean earphones and prolonged life for the same. Meanwhile, if you are looking to buy a new pair of earphones, do check out Savyytech’s range of Wireless Bluetooth Earphones.

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